Omena Fish – Kenyan Food

Omena is a type os small fish that resembles Sardines usually sun dried and preserved with salt. Mostly found in the Lake Victoria regions in Kenya. I love Omena Fish because they are delicious especailly when fried without adding broth. This dish is Tailor made to be eaten with Ugali, a Kenyan staple. You can add spices and even Chili to give it that amazing kick. It’s a local cuisine that is called “kisumu boys”.

Omena Fish
1 Cup Onions
1 Cup Tomatoes
Green Chili
2 Tablespoon Royco Spice

-Soak the Omena Fish in warm water to reduce sodium intake
-Put the Onions in a Pan and sautee until they start becoming translucent
-Add the chopped Tomatoes and Salt, cook until they turn to paste
-Take the Royco spice add 2 Tablespoon water and stir until well mixed
-Add to the Tomato paste and cook for a few seconds until it starts to simmer
-Pour in the Omena, cover Pan and let simmer
-Remove from heat and serve with Ugali


4 thoughts on “Omena Fish – Kenyan Food

  1. I see a lot of Kenyan recipes call for tomatoes and chili. I’m curious from a historical standpoint – do you know what Kenyan food was like before the introduction of those ingredients from the Americas?

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    1. True, we have been cooking with Tomatoes and Chili since I remember. My mom used to cook with them so we continued with the tradition. My grandparents used to tell us that they would just boil food, if its the meat, they would roast it and preserve with salt. Now growing up we couldnt imagine not frying up food with tomatoes, onions and chili! How life has changed!


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